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Isaiah 6:8 
Then said I,
here am I; Send Me. 
Primary Objective
The primary objective of Campers on Mission is to get volunteers connected with “mission opportunities and outreach needing volunteer support.” All of our activities focus on reaching the lost and helping others reach the lost. Our organizational structure is limited, flexible and solely mission and outreach orientated.
Campers On Mission Emblem
The Campers on Mission emblem was designed to provide opportunities to witness about faith in Jesus Christ. The design— a fish encircled by a compass— promotes conversation. The fish, an early Christian symbol, denotes personal acceptance of Jesus as Savior. The compass star symbolizes the expanse of God’s creation and reminds members that, wherever they roam, God is present as they seek Him. The circle surrounding the design represents God’s eternal existence and bountiful love for all people. Another benefit of the distinctive emblem is that members displaying it are easily identified by one another so they can join together in Christian fellowship “as they go.”
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